Top 5 Ways to Show Your Support Now:


Individuals, Organizations and Businesses can show support for sustainable funding for the preservation and stewardship of New Jersey's natural, recreational and historic treasures with just a few clicks:

Everyone can sign the Sustainable Funding Statement of Support. Click here to sign the Statement of Support today!

Organizations and Business can

  • Join NJ Keep It Green - Sign your organization up to be a member of the NJ Keep It Green coalition.  Membership is free, and best of all, you will stay up-to-date on our efforts and help build the strength and diversity of our coalition.


  • Endorse the Sustainable Funding Campaign - If more appropriate for your business or organization, sign up as an endorser of sustainable funding. Endorsers support our mission by adding their names to our endorser list or passing a resolution of support without becoming members of the coalition.

Membership/endorsement is free! Join or endorse online now!


Reach Out - Contact your local officials and State representatives now to express your support for long-term funding. Encourage your muncipality and county to pass resolutions in support of long-term funding. (sample county resolution, sample municipal resolution, NJ League of Municipalities' resolution passed in the fall of 2012)


Check us out on Facebook and Twitter - "Like" NJ Keep It Green and follow us on Twitter (@NJKeepItGreen) for updates on the Sustainable Funding Campaign and projects being funded by State preservation programs. Help us share exciting updates and tell your friends!

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Volunteer - You can make a big difference in New Jersey's future by volunteering with NJ Keep It Green! Please call 609-392-1181 for more information about volunteer opportunities.


Contribute - Your contribution helps NJ Keep It Green spread the message about clean water, working farms, and the need to preserve and steward open spaces, farmland and our historic treasures. Please make a contribution today!

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